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Precision cut peel of rattan, used on antique furniture i.e. Bedheads, TableTops Etc., more commonly for chair seats and backs. Some modern furniture is still imported from Eastern Europe where the cane is secured by hand into holes on the frame, but with most modern chairs, factory made sheets of pre-woven cane are secured to the frame by a fillet of round cane set in a groove. (See Sheet Cane and Woven Material).


Chair cane supplied in the following sizes.


Actual size of chair cane (mm) : 1.6mm 2mm/2.1mm 2.4mm / 2.5mm 2.8mm 3.5
Cane No. : 1 2 3 4 6


Standard Bundles ( Sizes No 2 (2mm)...No 3 (2.4mm....No 4 (2.8mm) :

1/4 Kg £37.00p
 No 2...No3...No 4......... 1/8 Kg £ 23.70p
No 2....No 3.... No 4.....  1/16 Kg £ 17.90p


No 1 (1.6mm)                                                                          1/4kg                        £40.00p                          

                                                                                                        1/8kg                           £25.70p

                                                                                                           1/16kg                        £19.90p


Discount does NOT apply to the No 1 Chair Cane


Discount prices for larger quantities : No 2/No3 & No 4: 1/2 Kg £69.50p
(Sizes of cane can be mixed in 1/4 Kg bundles ) 1 Kg £132.00p
Note: Additional 1/4 Kg bundles after purchasing 1 kg will cost £33.00p per 1/4 Kg







Beading / Couching Cane : (For finishing/covering holes)


No. 6 size x 1.8 metre lengths (6ft) (Approx.) ....£1.70p each.


Plugging Cane : (For securing cane in holes)


All thickness' available - No. 15 being most common at £1.70p  per metre.



Sample order for one chair :


Example No 1   Example No 2  
1/8 Kg No. 3 Cane £ 23.70p 1/16 Kg No 2 Cane £17.90p
1 x No.6 Beading Cane £ 1.70p 1/16 Kg No 3 Cane £17.90p
1 x 1m Plugging Cane £ 1.70p 1 x No 6 Beading £1.70p
Postage and Packing £ 6.95p 1 x 1m Plugging £1.70p
    Post and Packaging £6.95p
Grand Total
Grand Total



Tools for Re-Caning :

Golf Tees - For securing cane during weaving.... £5.75p (20 off)
Cane Threader - 24" long spring steel............ £9.50p each

Shell Bodkins - Aids weaving ................... £5.95p each ....OR: £4.95p for Shell Bodkin without handle See images on the TOOL SECTION
Clearer - For knocking out old cane.............. £4.65p each
Awl - Very useful thin spike..................... £7.15p each
Cane Cutter ..................................... £4.95p each



Guide for selecting the correct size of cane for the traditional 6-way pattern:


Where two sizes are given, the wider is used for the diagonals


Number of holes over  6" of the chair frame: ( Be sure to include the FIRST HOLE & the THE LAST HOLE)


No of holes :                                  8        9        10       11        12       13       14      15

Cane No. Recommended:            6       4&6      4      3&4         3       2&3       2      1&2